Friday, October 14, 2016


From the Godey's Lady's Book of Reciepts and Helpful Hints ©1870

Turnips A La Poulette.—Cut the turnips into dice in a saucepan ; boil till tender, and drain. Put in the saucepan a piece of butter rolled in flour, and stir gently over the fire; add a gill of milk, stir again; put in the turnips, pepper, and salt. Stew five minutes, and serye.

Turnips.—Full-grown turnips will take about an hour and a half gentle boiling; if you slice them, which most people do, they will be done sooner; try them with a fork; when tender, take them up, and lay them on a sieve till the water is thoroughly drained from them. Send them up whole; do not slice them.

Turnip Tops.—Boil thoroughly, with plenty of water, salt, and soda in due proportions; drain and pass through a hair sieve. Melt a piece of butter, to which add a little flour and the pulp of your turnip tops; stir on the fire a few minutes, adding a little milk or cream, and a little broth or stock, with pepper or grated nutmeg to taste. When a nice consistency, not too thick, dress on a dish as you would spinach, and serve with fried sippets of bread around it. If properly cooked, this dish has a better color than spinach, and a very pleasant, nutty, bitter taste.

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