Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sun Stroke

This comes from Houghtaling's Handbook of Useful Information ©1889

Take the patient at once to a cool and shady place, but don't carry him far to a house or hospital. Loosen the clothes thoroughly about his neck and waist. Lay him down with the head a little raised. Apply wet cloths to the head, and mustard or turpentine to the calves of the legs and the soles of te feet. Give a little weak whiskey and water if he can swallow. Meanwhile let some one go for the doctor. You cannot safely do more without his advice.

Sunstroke is a sudden prostration due to long exposure to great heat, especially when much fatigued or exhausted. It commonly happens from undue exposure to the sun's rays in summer. It begins with pain in the head, or dizziness, quickly followed by loss of consciousness and complete prostration.

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