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Cooking for Business Omelets Part 2

from Cooking for profit: ©1893 What I find fun about this cookbook is not only the recipes but also the comments about cost. Which is very helpful imho when working on our historical novels.

87—Plain Omelet.
Two eggs and one teaspoonful of railk. Add a pin«h of salt, beat in a bowl enough to thoroughly mix but not make il too light, as if the omelet rises like a souffle it will go down agaiu, so much the worse.
Pour into a small frying pan, or omelet pan, in which is one Tablespoonful of the clear part of melted butter, and fry like fried eggs But when partly set run a knife point around to loosen it and begin to shake the omelet over to the further side of the pan until the thin further edge forced upward falls bick into the omele'.. When (he under side has a good color, and the middle is nearly set, roll the brown side uppermost, with a knife to help, and elide the omelet on to a hot dish. Serve immediately while it is light and soft.

88—Omelet with Parsley.
Mix a tablespoouful of minced parsley with the omelet mixture while beating it op. Make as directed in the preceding article.

89—Omelet with Onions and Parsley.
Mince two tablespoonfuls of onion and fry it in a little lard in a frying-pan with a plate inverted upon it. In five minutes take up the minced onion without grease and add it to the omelet mixture made ready with parsley in it; stir up and fry as directed in plain omelet.

90—Omelet With Ham.
Have ready on the table some grated or minced lean ham in a dish. Four a plain omelet of two eggs into the fryingpan and strew over the surface about a tablespoonful of the grated ham.

91-Omelet with Cheese.
Make in the same manner aa ham •>melet, with grated cheese instead of ham.

92—Omelet with Tomatoes.
Stew tomatoes down nearly dry, season with butter, pepper and salt. Inclose a spoonful in the middle of an omelet according to the preceeding examples.

Cost of omelets. Omelets are kept off the bill of fare more on account of the time and attention required to cook them properly than because of their cost whkh is only from 1/2c to Ic more than the eggs alone would be. This is speaking of hotel and family orders where the added seasoning is but about a tablespoonful, and not of omelets with asparagus, points or other rarities. Eggs vary in price from G cents per dozen in country places to 6O cents in the cities at midwinter.

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