Tuesday, October 11, 2016

St. Nicholas A Monthly Magazine for Boys & Girls

St. Nicholas: a monthly magazine for boys and girls, edited by Mary Mapes Dodge was a children's illustrated magazine from 1873 to 1924. The magazine was edited by Mary Mayes Dodge the author of Hans Brinker of The Silver Skates. Mary's editorial policy was:
To give clean, genuine fun to children of all ages.
To give them examples of the finest types of boyhood and girlhood.
To inspire them with an appreciation of fine pictorial art.
To cultivate the imagination in profitable directions.
To foster a love of country, home, nature, truth, beauty, and sincerity.
To prepare boys and girls for life as it is.
To stimulate their ambitions--but along normally progressive lines.
To keep pace with a fast-moving world in all its activities.
To give reading matter which every parent may pass to his children unhesitatingly

You can read more about this magazine at: Link

Some of the authors who contributed regularly to this magazine were:
Louise May Alcott
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Emily Dickinson
J. Frank Dobie
Rudyard Kipling
Sidney Lanier
Robert Louis Stevenson
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Mark Twain
Kate Douglas Wiggin

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