Thursday, October 6, 2016

Steamboat Inspection

Below is an excerpt from Houghtalings Handbook of Useful ©1887

Salaries of United States Officials
(salaries per Year, unless otherwise noted)
Steamboat-Inspection Service

Washington DC
Supervising Ins. Gen'l $3,500

San Francisco, Cal
Supervising Inspector $3,000
Inspector of Hulls $2,000
Inspector of Boilers $2,000
Clerk $1,200

Portland, Oreg.
Inspector of Hulls $1,200
Inspector of Boilers $1,200
Clerk $1,000
Inspector of Hulls $800
Inspector of Boilers $800

New York, N.Y.
Supervising Inspector $3,000
Inspector of Hulls 2,200
Inspector of Boilers 2,200
5 Assist. Inspec. of Hulls 2,000
5 Asst. Inspec. of Boilers 2,000
Clerk 1,200
Assistant Clerk 1,000
1 Assistant Clerk 75 a month
Clerk of Sup. Insp. 75 a month

Other towns with Inspection Services were: I listed the information below because in a paragraph the cities seemed to blur.
Albany, NY,
Philadelphia, PA.,
Boston, MA,
Portland, ME,
New London, CT.,
Baltimore, MD.,
Norfolk, VA,
Charleston, SC,
Savannah, GA.,
St Louis, MO.,
Saint Paul, Minn.,
Galena, Ill.,
Memphis Tenn.,
Louisville, Ky.,
Nashville, Tenn.,
Memphis Tenn.,
Evansville, Ind.,
Cincinnati, OH.,
Pittsburgh, PA.,
Wheeling, W. VA.,
Gallipolis, OH.,
Detroit, Mich.,
Chicago, Ill.,
Grand Haven, Mich.,
Marquette, Mich.,
Milwaukee, Wis.,
Port Huron, Mich.,
Buffallo, NY,
Cleveland, OH.,
Oswego, NY,
Burlington, VT,
New Orleans, LA.
Mobile, AL.,
Galveston, TX.,
Apalachicola, FL.,

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