Thursday, October 13, 2016

Broker's Technicalities

From Houghtaling's Handbook of Useful Information ©1889

A bull is one who operates to raise the value of stocks, that he may buy for a rise.

A bear is one who sell stocks for future delivery, which he does not own at the time of sale.

A corner is when the bears cannot buy or borrow the stock to deliver in fulfillment of their contracts.

Overloaded is when the bulls cannot take and pay for the stock they have purchased.

Short is when a person or party sells stocks when they have none, and expect to buy or borrow in time to deliver.

Long is when a person or party has a plentiful supply of stocks.

A pool or ring is a combination formed to control the price of stocks.

A broker is said to carry stocks for his customer when he has bought and is holding it for his account.

A wash is a pretended sale by special agreement between buyer and seller, for the purpose of getting a quotation reported.

A put and call is when a person gives so much per cent for the option of buying or selling so much stock on a certain fixed day, at a price fixed the day the option is given.

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