Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tomato Soup

This is another recipe from "Cooking For Profit" ©1893

Tomato Soup.
2 quarts soup stock.
1 cupful stewed tomatoes,
1 small cupful of minced vegetables.
6 cloves.
1 tablespoon minced parsley.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Little flour for thickening.
Tomatoes stewed down after seasoning with salt, pepper and butter, are a different article from the freshly prepared and impart a new richness to soup.
The soup stock may be the liquor in which a piece of beef or mutton is boiled for dinner, with the addition of other raw scraps and pieces, such as the bones and gristly ends of a beefsteak. An hour before dinner time take out the meat strain the stock through a fine strainer and into the soup pot. Cut piece of carrot, turnip and onion into small dice and throw in and let cook till done and add the cloves and cup of tomatoes, pepper and salt, thickening and the parsley at last.
It is generally considered a reproach to say the soup is thin. A proper inodium(I'm not sure what that word should be) should be observed. A spoonful of flour gives the smoothness and substance required without Destroying the clearness of the soup.

Cost of material—stock 4, tomatoes 6, vegetables and seasonings 2; 12c for 12 plates.

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