Monday, November 14, 2016

Literary World, Boston, 1874

Below is a small list from the Literary World Boston, July 1, 1874. If you're interested in what folks were reading in the 19th century you might want to check this publication out. Here's a link to the The Literary World Vol. 5 June 1874 - May 1875 I'm including the link because this publication is difficult to read in some spots.

OLD WELLS DUG OUT: Being a Third Series of Sermons. By T. Dkwitt Talhaoe. Phonographlcally reported and revised. 12mo. pp. 432. $2.00.
MY MISCELLANIES. By Wilkik Collins, with a Portrait (Harper's illustrated Library Edition.) 12mo. pp.446. $1.50.
UNDER THE TREES. By Samuel Irin.sus Prims. Crown 8vo. Cloth, $2 00.
SCHWEIN'KURTH'S HEART OF AFRICA. The Heart of Africa ; or, Three Years'TravclB and Adventures In the Unexplored Regions of the Ce tre of Africa. From 1868 to 1871- By Dr. Gcorg Schwcinfurth. Translated by Ellen E. rrewer. With an introduction by Wlnwood Keade. Illustrated by about 130 wood-cuts from drawings made by the author, and with two maps. 2 vols. 8vo. Cloth, $8.00.
MOTLEY'S LIKE AND DEATH OF JOHN OF BARN H VELD, Advocate of Holland. With a View of the Priuuiry Causes and Movements oi "The Thirty Years* War." By John Lothrop Motley, D.C.L.. author of " The Rise of the Dutch Republic," r' History of the United Netherlands," etc. With Illustrations. In two volumes. 8vo. Cloth, $7.00. (Uniform with Motley's " Dutch Repuhlic" and " Un;ted Netherlands.")
HARPER'S HAND-BOOK FOR TRAVELLERS IN EUROPE AND THE EAST. Being a Guide through Great Britain and Ireland, France, Belgium. Holland, Germany, Italy, Eirypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Tyrol, Denmark, N«
vay, Sweden, Russia, and Spalu. With over one hundred maps and plans of Cities. By W. Pembroke Fetridge, autliorof "Harper's Phrase-Book," and " History of the Rise and Fallot the Paris Commune." In tnree volumes. 12mo. Full Leather, Pocket-Book Form, $3.00 per vol., the volumes sold separately; or the three volumes in one, similar binding, ?7.00.
EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE CONFERENCE, 1873. History, Essays, Orations, and Other Documents of the Sixth General Conference of the Evangelical Alliance, held In New York, October 2-12, 1873. Edited by Rev. Philip SonArF, o.n., and Rev. S. Irrn.bcs Prime, D.d. With Portraits of Rev. Messrs. Pronler, Carrasco, and Cook, recently deceased. 8vo. Cloth, nearly 800 pages, $6.00; Sheep, $7.00 ; Ha.f Calf, $8.50.

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