Friday, November 18, 2016

Language of Flowers Part 3

To continue with this topic I'm including a couple of links. These links and books greatly expand the list I've given you the past two days from Houghtaling's Handbook. Below are five books representing the tip of the iceberg in Google books relating to this topic.

In 1832 Louise Cortambert wrote "The Language of Flowers" Google books full copy of the text

In 1848 Frederic Shoberl wrote "The LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS WITH ILLUSTRATIVE POETRY; TO WHICH ARE NOW ADDED THE CALENDAR OF FLOWERS AND THE DIAL OF FLOWERS. EIGHTH AMERICAN, FROM THE TENTH LONDON EDITION. REVISED BY THE EDITOR OF " FORGET ME NOT. ..." Google books has a complete copy of this book online. This book gives more than a list of what a flower means but also gives some of the background information as to why the flower means thus and so.

In 1863 Henrietta Dumont published a book "The Language of Flowers: The floral offering: a token of affection and esteem; comprising the Language and Poetry of Flowers." Google books has a full copy of this text.

In 1874 Miss Ildrewe composed "The Language of Flowers" and in her book she also expands with the use of flowers in poetry. Google books link The author also breaks down the flowers in order of seasons.

In 1884 Kate Greenaway illustrated and Edmund Evans printed in color "Language of Flowers" It's a quite expansive list encompassing 60 pages then breaks from the listing to poetry. Again you can find a complete copy of this book at Google Books This book is no longer free.

Web sites with lists:
Victorian Bazaar

Language of Flowers


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