Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Greatest Billiard Match

The greatest billiard march ever played in America was 2,000 points up, four caroms, for $10,000, between Phelan and Sweereiter, at Detroit, Mich., on April 12, 1859. Phelan was the winner, scoring 2,001 points to his opponent's 1,994.

Micahael Phelan is written up today as: The Father of American Billiards. An expert player, author, manufacturer, inventor, and tireless promoter of the game. Worked endlessly to improve the game's image, and spread its popularity to all levels of society. Authored the first American books devoted exclusively to billiards. Founded The Billiard Cue, billiards' first periodical. His Arcadia Billiard Parlor, in New York City, set the trend for the lavish rooms to follow. Holds numerous patents for table design and cushions. Was the first to put ivory "diamonds" on the rails. His "angular" pockets—perhaps his greatest invention—led to incredible shotmaking streaks. Won the first major stakes match in American history, winning $15,000, in 1859.
Source: The above information comes from Recroomonline.com online. They are a great source for overall tidbits on the personalities in the sport of Pool.

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