Friday, November 25, 2016

Chinook Jargon Part 1

The Chinook Jargon was a pidgin trade language that serviced those along the upper Pacific Northwest.The language started in Oregon moved into Washington and eventually spread into Canada and Alaska. It really wasn't the same as the Chinook people's tribal language. Below is a partial list of words written in 1847 in Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains by Joel Palmer.

This is a tongue spoken by a few in each of the tribes residing in the middle and lower divisions of Oregon. It is also used by the French, and nearly all the old settlers in the country.

Aach - Sister
Aha - Yes
Alka - Future, by and by
Alta - Present, now
Ala - I wonder
Ankote - Past time
Chawko - Come
Chee - New
Chinkamin - Iron, chain
Chuck - Water
Deob - Satan
Delie - Dry
Ekih - Brother-in-law
Ekik - Fish-hook
Elitah - Slave
Esick - Paddle
Esil - Corn
Geleech - Grease
Halo - None
Hankachim - Handkerchief
Hous - House
How - Let us
Hoel-hoel - Mouse
High-you - Quanity, many
High-you-k-wah - Ring
Hul-u-e-ma - Strange, different
Hu-e-hu - Swop, exchange
Hol - Drag, or pull
Ilips (Capitol i lower case l begin this word)- First
Ith-lu-el, or Ituel - Meat, flesh

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