Thursday, November 10, 2016

Clara Barton & The Red Cross

As many of you know that the American Red Cross was primarily founded by the efforts of Clara Barton. She worked tirelessly on humanitarian efforts during the Civil War, trying to locate the missing men. In 1869 her doctor's recommend she go to Europe to recoup and ended up working for the International Red Cross. She determined to bring the organization to the US and did starting in 1873 by 1881 she'd become the president of the organization and brought it to Washington. She formed the first American National Red Cross on Aug. 22, 1821 expanding the work to include helping others in disasters. A month later "The Great Thumb Fire" occurred in Michigan. 5000 were homeless over 2 mil in damages and 282 people lost their lives.

There are two books at google that you might be interested in reading. The first is "The Story of My Childhood" by Clara Barton ©1907

The second is The Life of Clara Barton ©1915 by Percy Epler

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