Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Apple Tarts for Profit

Below are two excerpts from Cooking for Profit ©1886 The first is a list of the menu, how many it will feed and what the cost for the items are. This information is very useful when figuring what our characters of the past spent on food. Or if you're following this blog for fun facts, it's interesting to see what our ancestor's paid.

The second entry is the recipe for Apple Tarts.

July 27.1
Soup—cream a la duchesse (8 qts 45 cents).
Scalloped salmon, frizzed potatoes (fish, charged previous days, say, 20 cents).
Boiled corned tongue (2.5 Ibs, 28 cents).
Corned beef and cabbage (1 Ib, and cabbage 16 cents).
Roast beef, (2 ribs, 3 Ibs net, 39 cents).
Spring lamb (side, 7 Ibs net, 80 cents).
Roast mutton (for second table, 4 Ibs, 48 cents).
Grenadins of veal, sauce Napolitaine (8 orders, 1 Ib select and sauce 24 cents).
Brochettes of kidney, sauce claremont (4 orders, 10 cents).
Mashed turnips 4, hot slaw 9, green peas 15, stewed tomatoes 15, potatoes two days 15 (57 cents).
Steamed pound pudding, wine sauce (2 Ibs and sauce, 28 cents).
Apple tarts (24 tarts, 30 cents).
Boston cream puffs (No. 288; 32 puffs half size, 36 cents).
Sultana cake and pound cake (15 cents).
Vanilla ice cream <2j4 qts pure cream, su^ar, etc., 70 cents).
Nuts, raisins, cheese, crackers, pickles, condiments (48 cents).
Milk 36, cream 20, butter 20, bread 12 (88 cents).
Coffee 10, tea 3, sugar 4 (17 cents).
Total $6.99; 48 persons; 14.5 cents a plate.

781—Apple Tarts.
Made of puff paste and cooked apple put through a colander and well sweetened. Canned apples will answer when fresh cannot be had.
Roll out puff paste, cut flats and line large patty pans or jem pans, put in a tablespoon of apple and bake. A favorite sort of pastry, richer than apple pie and sells well at the fine bakeries.

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