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Over the years I've posted a few posts on soap. Below are some recipes from The Cumberland Valley Cook & General Recipe Book ©1881. And below that are some links to former posts as well as a link to a book on Google.

How To Make Soap.—Slack 5 lbs. lime with hot water, then add 6 1/2 lbs. soda ash to it, and pour 4 1/2 large buckets of boiling water on it; then stir well, let stand over night; then pour the clear lye to 15 lbs. rendered fat, or 25 lbs. bacon 3kins, into a kettle. Then pour 4 buckets boiling water on the soda ash, and lime again to make your lye. Now boil your fat 1 hour, then add 1 1/2 pts. salt, boil 1 hour longer; then put the soap into a tub, let stand over night, replace it in the kettle again and pour the 4 buckets of weak lye to it. Boil 2 hours, then add 1 1/2 pts. more salt. Boil half an hour.
Hard Soap.—To 6'lbs. soap-fat, take 6 lbs. soda, and 3 lbs. lime. Boil the soda and lime in 4 gals, of water, pour off the clear liquor, taking care to get no sediment. Add this to your fat, boil until soap, pour it out, and when cold, cut as desired. This needs no salting.
Soap.—6 lbs. good lime, 6 lbs. soda ash, 12 lbs. rendered fat, 15 gals, water. Put the lime and soda ash in the kettle with all the water, and let it boil from 5 to 10 minutes smartly. Then put in a tub to settle, which it will do in a few minutes. Dip it back into the kettle and add the fat. Boil 4 or 5 hours. No salt, or it will be ruined.
Erasive Soap.—2 oz. aqua ammonia, 1 oz. white shaving soap, 1 teaspoon saltpetre, 1 qt. soft water.
The sender of the above recipe says it is worth ten dollars to any family, and costs but little to try it.
For Removing Grease, Etc.—2 oz. castile soap, 2 oz. strongest ammonia, 1/2 oz. ether, 1/2oz. alcohol, cut the soap fine and heat in a pint of soft water until dissolved; then add 1/2 gal. more water and all the ingredients. Keep corked tight. Cleans all kinds of cloth, carpets, paints, glass, etc., and is a good shampoo for the head. Use sponge, and rinse afterward in clear water. Cost of the above ingredients, 25 cents.

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