Tuesday, January 13, 2015


In 19th Century literature you'll find several books, poems, etc. written with a cabin as a major focus. Below is a list with links to various resources. Something to keep in mind that during the 19th century a cabin was a single room structure.

The most common source would be Life at the South or more commonly known as Uncle Tom's Cabin ©1852

The Log Cabin ©1844

The Hunter's Cabin ©1862

Poor Paddy's Cabin ©1854

The Cabin in the Clearing & Other Pioneer Poems ©1868

The Cabin on the Prairie ©1869

The Mud Cabin ©1853 So this one is not fiction but uses the term with regard to the politics or how the author saw the politics of Britain at this time.

Of course a cabin can be more nautical in nature so we have The Cabin Boy's Story ©1854

Chronicles of Capstan Cabin ©1878

The Two Cabin Boys©1881

The Captain's Cabin ©1877

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