Friday, January 30, 2015

1879 Furniture Designs and Cottage in Queen Anne Style

Below are some illustrations from "The Illustrated Wood Worker" ©1879 February edition. I find it interesting that the "cottage" shown below is a cottage and not a house. On the other hand, I grew up were elaborate cottages were made for people to summer in. Anyway, enjoy these tidbits and perhaps they will find their way into one of your novels.

Plate 11 is an original design by Mr. Fieder of a mantel and cabinet. The cabinet will concern our readers more than the mantel. It will be noticed that in the back of the lower part of the cabinet is a mirror in an appropriate frame. The angular shelves on each side will strike the workman as being
novel, and at the same time useful. This piece of furniture would look well if made in walnut and finished in oil ; but of course the other furniture in the room would have a good deal to do in determining the kind of wood to use for its construction.
Plate 12 shows a handsome dining-room sideboard in the "Eastlake style," which was also designed by Mr. Fielder. This sideboard would look well in any natural wood, and is so constructed that any good workman can make it. Joiners or cabinet-makers who have any spare time on their hands could easily make a sideboard like this ; and we are sure, if the work is neatly done, and good material used, that it would find a ready sale, for this style of furniture is now in great demand all over the country.
Plate 13.—This plate shows a cottage, which is a very fine specimen in the "Queen Anne style." The method of construction is obvious. We are indebted to Mr. Kuhns, architect, of Philadelphia, for this drawing. Its estimated cost is $3000, finished in natural woods. The roofs and sides of building, where shown, are covered with slates. We are sure the readers of the Wood-worker will find much in the design to admire and appreciate. We hope to he favored with more illustrations from the same hand.

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