Monday, January 5, 2015


Here are some sandwich recipes that come from "Chafing Dish Recipes" ©1896

Sandwiches.—Stir the yolks of 2 hard-boiled eggs with 2 ounces of butter to a cream, add 1 raw yolk, 1 tablespoonful lemon juice or tarragon vinegar, 12 fillets of canned anchovies, 1 teaspoonful English mustard, 2 tablespoonfuls fine-chopped pickles, 1 tablespoonful fine-chopped capers, the fine-chopped whites of the boiled eggs, 1/4 teaspoonful white pepper, 1 teaspoonful grated onion; when this is well mixed add 1 pound fine-minced boiled ham; spread 1 tablespoonful of this preparation over a thin slice of bread, cover with another slice; then cut the sandwiches even all around and in half diagonally; when they are all prepared in this way serve them on a folded napkin. If the sandwich preparation is not used all at once put it into a small jar; cover and keep in a cool place; it will keep for some time.
Chicken or Turkey Sandwiches.—Cut cold roasted chicken or turkey into fine slices, spread some thin slices of bread with a canape sauce; put 2 slices of bread together with a slice of chicken between, trim the sandwiches neatly, cut them into 3-cornered pieces and serve on a folded napkin; or spread the bread with butter, lay on the chicken, sprinkle over a little salt, and finish the same as above. Another way is to mix 2 tablespoonfuls butter with 1 tablespoonful French mustard, spread the slices of bread with the mustard butter, put a slice of roasted chicken, turkey, cold roasted veal, or boiled ham between 2 slices and finish the same as above; or another way is to put small pickles cut in half over the meat between the slices, or spread the bread with butter, put on the meat and a little French mustard over the meat.
Lettuce Sandwiches.—Spread some thin slices of bread with a canape sauce, put 2 and 2 slices together with 2 or 3 young lettuce leaves between; cut them even all around, then into 3-cornered pieces, and serve.
Lenten Sandwiches.—Chop fine 1 pickled beet, 3 small pickles, 1 tablespoonful fine-chopped capers, 2 hard-boiled eggs; mix all the ingredients together with 1/2 pint of mayonnaise; cut 12 thin slices of bread, spread a thin layer of the above preparation over each slice, dip some young lettuce leaves into mayonnaise, lay them over 6 slices of bread, and cover them with the other 6 slices; cut the sandwiches even all around, then cut into small triangles and serve.
Sandwiches a la Brigum.—Cut 12 thin slices of bread, mix 4 ounces of butter with 1 tablespoonful English mixed mustard, spread this over the slices of bread, lay on this butter some fine-chopped small pickles, dip some small lettuce leaves into a mayonnaise, lay them over the pickles, and lay over the lettuce leaves a thin slice of chicken meat, then some more lettuce leaves, mayonnaise, and fine-chopped hard-boiled eggs; cover with a slice of the buttered bread, trim them neatly, and cut them into triangles and arrange the sandwiches on a folded napkin.

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