Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Private Detectives

Most historical writers are aware of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the fictional tales of Sherlock Holmes. Both are from the 19th Century. Below are links and tidbits to other detective related stories and tidbits.

The Revelations of a Private Detective ©1868

Here's a copy of an advertisement for the above story with other detective stories listed.

Chapter Five of Major Joshua is a chapter on the life of the character as a private detective. 1894

Chapter Seven of Sealed Orders is the chapter on a private detective. 1886

Thirty Years A Detective by Allan Pinkerton ©1884

The Adventures of a United States Detective ©1876

Traced and Tracked; or Memoirs of a City Detective ©1884

Hands Up; Or Twenty Years a Detective ©1882

There are many more volumes you can find in Google books if you wish to search further and within your time frame.


  1. Thanks, Lynn, this is a helpful post. Good information. I've always been a little intrigued by the Pinkerton Detective Agency. In research for a book I was writing that takes place in Sacramento, I came across advertisements in the microfiche of the local newspaper. These are nice sites you've given.

  2. You're welcome, Elizabeth. There are many other sources. When I was researching for my first St. Augustine novel, "Winning the Captain's Heart." I discovered some French novels that were written at the time which I used for my heroine's driving force to investigate. Naturally she shouldn't have been but hey that's what we as authors do.