Monday, January 26, 2015

Kitchen Knives

Dexter Harrington & Son, Southbridge, Mass, manufacturers of the Dexter knives and blades, refer to their goods as made solely for cutting purposes, and not for show, and advise us that all knives are ground sharp and honed before leaving the factory. This cutlery business was established in the Harrington name at Southbridge in 1818, or 80 years ago. The business has increased to such an extent as to necessitate additions to capacity of plant from time to time. The concern have recently completed a substantial addition, which will largely increase their output. New and special machinery is being installed, and they expect to double last year’s production during 1899. The line of goods shown in their illustrated catalogue include shoe knives in a variety of shaped blades; kitchen, carving. butcher, skinning and bread knives. Rubber, shoe and cloth blades in various shapes are also shown. The kitchen knives are furnished in five styles of blade, with either black or light enamel handles put on. In the same grade are made 6 inch meat and 7-inch bread knives. A line of butcher knives. not shown in the catalogue, are now being made in sizes from 5 to 14 inches.
Source: Iron Age 1899

A list of Kitchen Knives from "Seeger & Guernsey's Cyclopadeia" ©1890
Banana Knife,
Boning Knife,
Bread Knife,
Carving Knife,
Cheese Knife,
Fish Knife,
Fish Scaling Knife,
Fruit Knife,
Lemon & Orange Knife,
Mincing Knife,
Steak Knife,
Table Knife

One of the knives in the list above, I'd not heard about is a Banana Knife. Below is a picture of one.

Another is the Orange and Lemon Knife, note the grated edge on the upper part of the knife.

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  1. Interesting - I never heard of this company and Southbridge, MA, is in my back yard! Learn something new every day :)