Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1883 Fashions Continued

Here are eleven more fashion images from 1883.

Evening Dress
Boy Knickerbockers
Girl Coats
Painted Kid (I'm not sure if a 'kid' is the same as a purse, perhaps one of you know)
Walking Jacket
Women's Dresses
Winter Coat on Left, Mourning Costume Right

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  1. Although it depends on the date the title "Painted Kid" was applied to this image, in this context, "painted kid" probably refers to the content material of the purse, not a type of purse. Kid leather is a soft leather (absolutely wonderful to wear) and was used for purses, children's shoes, and (my favorite accessory for costuming) . . . gloves. One might also conjecture that the title "Painted Kid" might refer to the picture on the purse; however, "kid" is too modern a moniker for a "child" to apply in this situation.