Friday, August 5, 2016

Wedding Anniversaries

I found these interesting because they differ from today:

1st. . . Cotton
2nd. . .Paper
3rd . . .Leather
5th . . .Wooden
7th. . . Woolen
10th . .Tin
12th. . Silk & Fine Linen
15th . .Crystal
20th . .China
25th . .Silver
30th . .Pearl
40th . .Ruby
50th . .Golden
75th . .Diamond

Source is Houghtaling's Handbook

Today we reverse 1st & 2nd. The 3rd & 5th are the same but the 7th is Copper or Brass. Aluminum has replaced Tin for the 10th. The 12th is the same but the 15th is now Glass instead of Crystal. 25th, 30th stay the same but the 40th Ruby has been replaced by Garnet. The Golden is still Golden but the 75th has changed from Diamonds to Gold. Personally I think they should have stayed with the traditional for that one. The oddest switch for me was between 1st & 2nd, was cotton really easier to find and cheaper than paper in the 1800's?

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