Saturday, August 20, 2016

Toll House

While researching my family genealogy I came across the term "Tourist Home" basically the house was used as what we call a "B&B" today. This made me think of other names for such places. Which brought me to the "Toll House."

As you can imagine these homes were where people paid their tolls to use the Canal, Turnpikes and or Railroad. They also provided a home cook meal and a place to sleep. Another unique feature of most toll houses was a distinctive Bay Front to give the guests a clear view of the turnpike, railroad or canal. These houses were not unique to America but could be found all over the world where travelers had to pay.

In Whitman, MA. one such Toll House existed. And in 1937 she developed a dessert with chocolate morsels from the Nestle company. This new dessert was "TollHouse Cookies."

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