Thursday, August 4, 2016

Debt in 1887

With our current economic crisis I thought it interesting to compare the Population & Debts of some of our American cities in 1887.

From page 9-13 in Houghtaling's Handbook he lists Population and Debt of Principal Places. Philadelphia, Penn. debt was 54,223.844 dollars, with 847,170 people living in the city the debt for each person was $64.01

On the other end of the spectrum there were a few cities that had no debt.
Bradford, Penn. 3,197 residents
Chilleothe, Ohio 10,938 residents
Port Jarvis NY with 8,678 residents
San Hose, Cal. 12,567 residents
West Troy, NY 8,820

The largest debt per individual was in Bangor, Me. of 157.87 per resident. Compared to Hoboken, NJ and a debt of .24 cents per individual.

The population in Houghtaling's Handbook was taken from the 1880 census.

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