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United States 1887

The Original Colonies and Present United States.

For convenience of description and arrangement, the United States is divided into the following sections

NEW ENGLAND STATES --Maine, *New Hampshire, Vermont, *Massachusetts, *Rhode Island and *Connecticut.

MIDDLE ATLANTIC STATES -- *New York, *New Jersey, *Pennsylvania, *Delaware, *Maryland, *Virginia, West Virginia and District of Columbia.

SOUTHERN STATES -- *North Carolina, *South Carolina, *Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisianna, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas.

CENTRAL STATES --Ohio, Indiana, Illinios, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska.

PACIFIC STATES -- California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado.

TERRITORIES -- Washington, Idaho, Montana, Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Indian, Alaska.

*ORIGINAL STATES -- The original colonies, or states, are those that signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

When Washington formed his Cabinet it had but four members, the Interior Department being unknown, the War and Navy Departments being under one head, and the Postmaster General being subordinate to the Treasury. Nevertheless, of these four positions, he gave two to Virginians--Secretary of State Jefferson and Attorney General Randolph.

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