Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Boiled Fig Pudding

Boiled Fig Pudding taken from The Godey's Lady's Book Receipts and Household Hints ©1870
A quarter of a pound of figs, half a pound of suet, a cupful of bread crumbs, four eggs, a breakfastcupful of milk. Mix the suet, figs, and bread together; boil the milk and pour over them. Now beat the eggs and pour over the other ingredients. Let the mixture stand a little while, then put it into shape, boil it for two hours, and serve with cream or sweet sauce.

For those of you young enough not to know what Suet is, it is raw beef or mutton fat, generally a hard fat found on the loins and kidneys. With today's health conscience society I'm sure there are many alternatives to suet. During the 19th century it was quite common to make a "tallow" from the suet. Tallow would stay fresher longer.

Unfortunately I don't know what the difference is between a regular measuring cup and a breakfastcupful of milk. The best I could find is that it was/is the same as today's 1 cup = 8 ozs. In the search I found several references to a breakfastcupful out there especially in books relating to the 19th century. So, would safely assum

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