Friday, August 5, 2016

Tidbits for Builders

1000 shingles, laid 4 inches to the weather, will cover 100 square feet of surface, and 5 lbs. of shingle nails will fasten them on.

One-fifth more siding and flooring is needed than the number of square feet of surface to be covered, because of the lap in the siding and matching.

1000 laths will cover 70 yards of surface, and 11 lbs. of lathe nails will nail them on. 8 bushels of good lime, 16 bushels of sand, and 1 bushel of hair, will make enough good mortar to plaster 100 square yards.

A cord of stone, 3 bushels of lime, and a cubit yard of sand, will lay 100 cubic feet of wall.

5 courses of brick will lay 1 foot in height on a chimney, 16 bricks in a course will make a flue 4 ins. wide and 12 ins. long, and 8 bricks in a course will make a flue 8 ins. wide and 16 ins. long.

Cement 1 bush. and sand 2 bush. will cover 3 1/2 sq. yds. 1 inch thick, 4 1/2 sq. yds. 3/4 inch thick, and 6 3/4 sq. yds. 1/2 inch thick. 1 bush. cement and 1 of sand will cover 2 1/4 square yards, 1/2 inch thick.

(This information comes from page 79 in Houghtalings Handbook)

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