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The Winfield Currier 1885 Kansas

Below is a brief article under Miscellaneous from the Winfield Courier, Thursday, November 5, 1885.

Winfield Courier, Thursday, November 5, 1885.
A very happy little party of ladies dropped in on Mrs. John Keck last evening in celebration of her birthday. It was strictly a female party--no measly men around. Men are very much out of place around where women are anyway--they can't talk enough. The occasion in question was one of the liveliest. The merry chatter was sandwiched at the proper hour by delicious oysters and nice delicacies. Among the ladies present were Mrs. F. M. Friend, Mrs. G. L. Rinker, Mrs. W. H. Albro, Mrs. Capt. Whiting, Mrs. Fred Whiting, Mrs. Ed. Nelson, Mrs. Copeland, Mrs. J. A. Cooper, Mrs. Walters, and Miss Lydia Holmes.

Henry Peebles, who was in the employ of J. E. Conklin last summer, and was arrested last April and taken to Urbana, Illinois, on a four years incendiary charge, returned to Winfield Friday. He had to await the convening of the court, in October, when the case was dismissed for want of evidence. The charge was the firing of buildings to get a "run" while Peebles was a member of the Danville fire company. Not a witness appeared against him. The case was proven without foundation from the start.

A county superintendent in one of our neighboring counties was asked the following, and his reply was about right.
"How does it happen that there are so many old maids among the teachers?"
He replied, "Because school teachers are, as a rule, women of sense, and no sensible woman will give up a $60 position for a $40 man."

End of quotes:
I particularly like the humor of the writer.

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