Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ice Harvesting Tools

Below is a list of tools that were used over the years to harvest ice. This list comes from the book The Ice Crop ©1892

Clearing off Scraper (Snow Scoop Scrapers)
Ice Auger
Tapping Axe
Field Planer
Marker with swing guide
Field Plow
Swing Guide Plows
Hand Plow
Plow Rope
Line Marker
Cast Steel Saw
Two-Prong Fork Bar
Three-Prong Fork Bar
Four-Prong Fork Bar
Calking Bar
Breaking Bar
Ice Hooks
Elevator Feeding Fork
Chain Scoop Net
Sieve Shovel
Ring Handle Splitting Chisel
Channel Hook Chisel
Needle Bar
Toothed Trimmer Bars, Iron Handle
Toothed Trimmer Bars, D Handle
Jack Grapple
Handle Grapple
Channel Grapple
Wooden Skid
Packing Chisel
Wagon & Loading Tongs
Hoisting Tongs
Drag Tongs
Edging Tongs

Here's a link to Ice Harvesting Tools with a great chart of images of these tools.

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