Monday, September 5, 2016

Christian Campgrounds

On Martha's Vineyard there is a great campground with gingerbread houses and a center tabernacle. My graduation exercise was held there and from what I understand it is still being used today for High School graduations.

During the 19th century there were a lot of these Christian Camp meetings set up. Old Orchard Beach (approx. 1842) in Maine, The Methodist Campground (1835) in Oak Bluffs, MA and Simpson Park Campground (1865) in Michigan. Each of these played an important part on people's lives but also on the general economy of a region.

Today, few Christian Campgrounds remain and those that have, have changed how they run the day to day of the camp. Many can not move their families for the summer to a campground.

I have not done an extensive search but I believe the Methodist were pioneers and leaders in the Christian Campgrounds and revivals.

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  1. Lynn, as I understand it, the Christian campground on Martha's Vineyard is now part of the town of Oak Bluffs. The colorful gingerbread houses were originally sites for the tents attendees lived in during the summer, until some decided more permanent structures were preferable. The Tabernacle is still in use, and yes, I believe it was the Methodists who founded the camp on the Vineyard.