Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pineapples & Coffee

Personally, I love this fruit. But did you know that it originated from Brazil and Paraquay? Or did you know that Hawaii didn't have pineapples until 1813? That is the year the plant was introduced to the Islands of Hawaii. Many today would think it was a native fruit of Hawaii and it surprised me to find out that it wasn't. Hawaii kept this fruit to itself however, until 1892 when it was exported as a canned product.

James Dole did set up a plantation there that changed the growth rate of the fruit's exportation, unfortunately that wasn't until 1900-1901(I've found conflicting dates of when Dole actually started his plantation). Alfred W. Eame's (one of the California Homesteaders) arrives in Hawaii in 1898 and starts to experiment with the cultivation of the pineapple. His company eventually became Del Monte.

Don Francisco de Paula y Marin, Spanish advisor to King Kamehameha I, is the man noted for bringing the pineapple and coffee to Hawaii in 1813.

Unlike the Pineapple, Coffee became a commercial product in the 1830's.

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