Saturday, September 17, 2016


Earlier today I posted about the anvil of the Blacksmith, there are many other tools needed to be a good blacksmith but we'll get to those at a later time. For now, I wanted to point out an interesting tidbit I recently learned about blacksmithing. Many a blacksmith had a wood working shop in their Blacksmith shop. This stands to reason when you think of the wagon wheels the ax handles, etc. They also had rooms dedicated to storage of lumber, paint room, varnishing room and clear varnishing.

In my previous research of blacksmiths it was very superficial. I knew they were in high demand and many towns would brag if they had one. In a city you often had many. I read of one account of 40 blacksmiths in one city. Obvious rural communities had a tougher time in securing a blacksmith to work in their town.

Milton Richardson put out a book called Practical Blacksmithing ©1889 that lays out the plans of the blacksmith's shop.

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