Thursday, August 6, 2015

1839 Furnishings

Below are some designs from early 19th century furnishings with a brief description.

The first are Ladies' Work Tables.
The top of the first lifts up by hinges and shews a circle of divisions, containing pin-cushion, scissors, needle-cases, &c., the centre of which is open to the space below for fancy work.
The second has the top made to slide back, in order that the table may be opened without disturbing whatever might be lying on it at the time; the interior is fitted up the same as the first, except that the forms will be square instead of circular.

Next we have A Toilet.
It may be observed by the profile that the glass is intended to rise or slide down the pilasters, by the aid of weights and lines, so that when pushed quite down the lower edge will rest upon the plinth, and the ornamental top only be seen above; it is designed to stand against a window. The small draws on each side were introduced as a great convenience to the person sitting in front of the table, and the trays on the top intended for candles, &c.

Followed by Tea Poys.
The rounded front of the first was designed to display the beauty of fine veneer; the last is also calculated for the same effect. In this plate, and in others, throughout the work, the attempt has been to give the greatest possible variety of forms in the blocks.

Finishing today's selection with Japanned Wash Stands.
The first contains, at the bottom, a cupboard; by its angular shape it is adapted to stand in a corner.
The second has two supports only, in the French manner; the space below the basin is intended to hold the waterbottle and glasses.


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