Monday, August 24, 2015

1830 Farm Laborer's House Plans

Below are some illustrations for the construction of the laborers homes for farmlands. These are English in design but they will give you a good sense of what was in them.

The Labourer's Cottage cannot be too simple in its form, and it should be comprised in a very small compass. His wants are few, but his comforts should be carefully studied. The relative situation of doors and chimneys is of the greatest consequence to him, and it too frequently happens that this is little attended to, if at all. In rooms of very small dimensions this consideration must never be lost sight of, or the poor man's dwelling may be rendered a wretched habitation. In the Plan No. I. it will appear that the Bed Room, being within the Kitchen, must be warm, the Kitchen itself is defended by the Porch, while the Outhouse or Washhouse, containing the oven and copper, is quite independent of the other two apartments. The dwelling is only one story in height, and the rooms are kept to the smallest possible size.

For a Labourer's Cottage one story in height, explaining a design, comprehending the same number of apartments as No. I, under a different arrangement. These Cottages may be built of brick, and covered with tile, the whole being splashed, to produce the effect of age. In stone countries the roofs should be covered with rag. All the wood work should be painted in imitation of oak.

This Design presents a Labourer's Cottage in the Italian style. It is very small, comprehending only a Kitchen, Bed Room, and Outhouse, with an oven. The walls may be of brick or stone, and covered with tile, of the form so much seen in Italy, derived originally from the Greek. The windows are kept high from the ground, a peculiarity much to be observed in this character; and the simplicity of the whole effect is not unpleasing, as exhibited in the Perspective View.

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