Thursday, August 13, 2015

1839 Furnishings Part 2

The principal ornamental parts are intended to be carved in relief only, and the leaves in the front rail of the first design are produced by being first ploughed like a moulding and then cut into form.

Sofa Ends

Couches.—The very plain parts, which frequently occur in the turned work, (and here are seen in the legs of the first Couch) are intended to shew the beauty of the French polish; and when a hanging husk appears as from the scroll, it should be in slight relief only.

Couch Ends

The rosettes introduced here and in many of the other plates, it should be remembered, are intended to be turned by the lathe into the form, and then finished by being channeled into leaves, as a saving in the expence of carving.

The carved work of these should be neatly executed and of very delicate projection, otherwise a vulgarity in appearance would be the consequence.

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  1. This is interesting. So how is a settee different from these?