Monday, August 17, 2015

1835 House Plans Part 2

This continues the series of 1835 House plans originally published in 1835 in London.

Country House
This house consists of two floors. On the ground are the parlour and drawing-room, at the back of which is the kitchen, above are three bed-rooms. The external appearance of the building is neat and simple; and it would form a pleasant occasional retreat to a gentleman engaged in business.

Design for a Double House.
The entrance to each dwelling is on the side. The plan is so divided that each has a good room in the centre of its front . The parlours and drawing-room may be thrown together by folding doors. The kitchen, wash-house, &c, are below stairs. Each house has three bed-rooms, on the one-pair floor. In the external appearance these two dwellings form one uniform building.

Design for a Villa.
Simplicity is the character of this design. A portico of Greek Doric columns occupies the centre of the elevation; on each side of which is a window down to the ground. This building is proposed rather as an occasional than a constant residence. The plan, however, affords sufficient accommodations for a small family desirous of enjoying in seclusion the pleasures of rural retirement.

Another Design for a Villa.
In this design the offices are in the basement. The sitting-rooms on the ground-floor, and the bed-rooms on the one-pair. Considering the dimensions of the house, the accommodations are numerous, and particularly suitable to a moderate-sized family. In the front of the house, between the projecting wings, is a Doric portico; over it is a balcony, to which a handsome veranda would be no inconsiderable improvement.

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