Monday, December 1, 2014

Bedroom Furnishings

Below is an image from 1880 of a set of bedroom furnishings. These items were made of walnut, can you image how much they would cost today? Anyway, note the large cabinet with the chest of drawers. Often times rooms were built with no closets and cabinets were needed to store their clothing.

And here's a little tidbit on the art of being a cabinet maker:
The art of the Cabinet-maker differs from most other arts in many particulars. In the first place, the articles made by him, are not only very numerous, but there are not, even from the same shop, two articles of the same description, which do not vary in their form and manufacture; and fashion is continually, changing the forms of almost all Cabinetmakers' articles, so that it must be obvious no rules can be laid down, as to the formation of particular articles of furniture; and, indeed, were it practicable, it would be necessary that cabinet, like female fashions, should be published monthly: in fact, this is, in some degree, done in a publication by Mr. Ackerman. . The Cabinet-maker furnishes chairs, tables, chests of drawers, desks, scrutoires, bureaus, sofas, book-cases, and bedsteads, of all sorts of prices. But, in almost all places, the business of the Cabinet-maker is united to that of the upholsterer; and the furniture collected in one of their warehouses is worth from ten to thirty thousand pounds. Such
warehouses may be seen in St. Paul's ChurchYard, Bond-Street, and other parts of London.
Source: The book of English Trades ©1818

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