Friday, December 5, 2014

Electric Bell

Below is an image I found of the The Leclanché Electric Bell Outfit.

The cut illustrates the Leclanché Electric Bell Outfit complete. It consists of a large Leclanché Battry with Chemicals, fifty feet of insulated copper wire, a paper of Clamp Tacks for putting it up, one push button with porcelain knob, and an elegant nickel-plated Electric Bell mounted on a black-walnut base. It has a black-walnut cover. Any young man can easily put up this electric bell. For door-bells, for servants' call-bells, etc., there is nothing quite so handy and reliable as this outfit.
Some parties are doing quite a business by purchasing these outfits by the dozen, and putting them into houses at reasonable rates.

The ad goes on to say you can use these for burglar alarms as well with an attachment.

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