Thursday, December 4, 2014

1891 Pocket Cutlery

Below are five knives from 1891 advertised in Youth's Companion. They were being offered as a gift with the price of a subscription to the magazine. I left most of that information out from their advertisements. However the magazine is available on Google books if you'd like further information. What I find interesting is that pocket knives haven't changed all that much. However, some of the tools within the knives have changed, like the hook for cleaning out horse hooves. Perhaps one of your characters might be in the need of purchasing a knife. Here are some choices.

This first image is of Farmer's English Knife this knife comprises nine distinct tools, --two Blades, a Lancet, Corkscrew, Reamer, Tweezers, Pick, Screw Driver, and a Hook for cleaning a horses's hoof. It is of special service to the farmer.

The next knife is Pearl Handle Boys knife. The Boy's Own Knife is a beauty, but it's more; it's made to cut and to kep its edge. No better-cutting Knife to be had at any price. German Silver Bolster, Rivet and Shield, and best of Pearl Handle

The next knife is a Lady's Pearl Handle Knife. The cut illustrates how our Lady's knife looks. We give the plan of this knife to our manufacturer, and this is the result. Fine English steel, faultless pearl and perfect finish are embodied in the knife. For a lady nothing would be better; for a gentleman, too, will find it a most useful vest-pocket companion. Large blade, nail blade and file, glove and boot-buttoner.

The fourth knife is a Four-Blade Pearl Knife, this is a find knife, --a Wostenholm pattern. It is made only to our order, and expressly for our subscribers. By controlling this special knife ourselves we are able to offer a rare premium at a low price. The cut will show you just how the knife looks, and its exact size. It is made from the best English steel, the pearl is the first quality and the hands is brass lined. The tips are German Silver.

The last knife is the Granger's Knife. The Blades of this fine knife are the best English steel and will cut like a razor. Stag-Handle, double German Silver Bolsters, Rivets and shields are brass lined.

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