Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Christmas Carol

The classic "A Christmas Carol" has been rewritten, played and put into film more times than I can count. Dickens did a fine job on this classic. And it only seems fitting that we would include it in our tidbits about 19th Century Christmas Tidbits. It was first published in 1843. The link below to Google books is a copy printed in 1858. Here is a picture of the first publication that can be found in wikipedia.

An interesting tidbit about A Christmas Carol is that it was a novella. I love writing novellas and have often been told how amazed my readers are about the amount of story that is included in the novella. A novella challenges an author to tightly write their stories.

A Christmas Carol

Here is a page with illustrations for
A Christmas Carol in 1933.

So how are you going to enjoy A Christmas Carol this holiday season? Better yet, how are your characters going to enjoy it?

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