Thursday, December 18, 2014

Houghtalings Handbook

Since it is TBT (Through Back Thursday) on the web I thought I'd post a collection of older post. I first started this blog after I came across this great book of tidbits in an antique store. Below are links to all the posts of Houghtalings Handbook I put together over the years.

Spirits of Turpentine
Bogus Butter
U.S. Postal Salaries Part 1
U.S. Postal Salaries Part 2
U.S. Postal Salaries Part 3
U.S. Postal Salaries Part 4
U.S. Postal Salaries Part 5
U.S. Postal Salaries Part 6
U.S. Postal Salaries Part7
Weights & Measures for Cooks
Simple Interest Rates 1884
Legal Holidays in the United States
Height of Principal Monuments and Towers
Relative Value of Different Foods and Stock
Maxon Dixon Line
Fictitious Names of Cities
Benjamin Franklin's Words of Wisdom
Fictitious Names of States
New York & Brooklyn Bridge
Seed Vitality 1887
Average Annual Rainfall
Average Annual Temperatures 1887
Most Northern Point Reached by Arctic Explorers
Value of Bar Iron
Salaries of United States Officials 1887
Greatest Billiard Match
Friday an Eventful Day in America
Deepest Wells in the World
Time Required for Digesting Food Part 1
Time Required for Digesting Food Part 2
Language of Flowers Part 1
Language of Flowers Part 2
Herschel's Weather Table for Foretelling Weather
Years of Age for Animals
1887 Elections
How Southern Confederate Money Dropped
Number of Miles by Water from New York
Camphor Cure for Cholera
Tallest Man of Modern Times 1887
Origins of the Names of the Month
How to Rent a Farm
Salaries of the Offices of Indian Affairs 1887
Facts from 1880 Census
Broker's Technicalities
How to Preserve Eggs
Roofing Materials
Steamboat Inspection Service
How to Measure Corn
The Nations That Eat the Most
Signs of the Tongue
Business Laws in Brief
The Ways for Business Men to Get Rich
Speed of Trotting Horses per second
Civil War Confederate Soldiers Surrendered
Civil War Colored Troops
Soldiers in Civil War
Civil War Called For Service
How to Tell if a Person is Dead or Alive
Value of Foreign Money on a Gold Bases 1887
Strength of Ice Thickness
Law of Finding
A Lady's Chance of Marrying
Printing Papers Costs
American Wars during the 19th Century up to 1887
Navy Yards
United States in 1887
Prisoner's Commutation Table
Lighthouse Keepers
World's Largest Steam Hammer
Spirits of Turpentine a Valuable Remedy
Facts About the Sea
Census Office Salaries 1887
Postage Regulations 1889 Part 1
Postage Regulations 1889 Part 2
Great Canals of the World
How to Prevent Iron from Rusting
How to Sleep
How to Kill Grease Spots Before Painting
How to Start a Balky Horse
Bible Facts from Houghtalings 1889
Memorable Events in 1800's
The Wedding Anniversaries
Facts for Builders
Debt in 1887

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