Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Treatment of Corns

This tidbit comes from "The New England Economical Housekeeper and Family Receipt Book  ©1845

* Soak the feet in warm soap-suds, till the outer surface of the corn is quite soft; then wipe dry, and apply caustic all over the corn; it will soon be dry; let them remain for several days till you can remove the black skin without difficulty; then apply more caustic, and so continue till there is no corn left.
Use a salve made of equal parts of roasted onions and soft soap; apply it hot. Or apply a sponge wet with a solution of pearlash.
* Wild turnip scraped and bound upon the corn, after the corn has been cut and made tender, will cure it in a short time.
Take a small piece of flannel which has not been washed, wrap or sew it round the corn and toe. One thickness will be sufficient. Wet the flannel where the corn is, night and morning, with fine sweet oil. Renew the flannel weekly, and at the same time pare the corn, which will very soon disappear.

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