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Stove Patents 1847

Many of us wonder what kinds of stoves our 19th century forefathers had. Below is a very limited list from "List of Patents of Inventions and designs, issued by the United States" © 1847 There are over ten pages in the publication and below is two of the pages.

Stove Cooking, combining an elevated oven with.... Lathrop S. Bacon, Le Roy, NY, Jan 23 1846
Stove, cooking, construction...Philip Wilcox, Springfield, MA Sept. 13, 1838
Stove, cooking, correcting bad smell...Eliphalet Nott, Schenectady, NY Jan 7, 1835
Stove, cooking, cylindrical, sheet iron &c...Emma Steinhauer, Philadelphia, PA, Feb. 3, 1831
Stove, cooking, or digestive furnace...Henry L. Bidwell, Berlin, CT, Mar 8 1833
Stove, cooking, domestic.... Jos. R. Page, Philadelphia, PA, Mar 24, 1827
Stove, cooking, double furnace.. .Josiah Richards, Claremont, NH, Aug. 5, 1829
Stove, cook, double oven......R. D. Granger, Albany, NY, Mar 7 1846
Stoves, cooking, with double fireplaces...Reuben Jackson, Zanesville, Oh, Mar 19, 1840
Stoves,cooking, draught arranging...John L. Lathrop, Provincetown, MA, Dec 31, 1839
Stoves, conking, draught, &c., in...Horace Strickland, Bradford, Vt, June 27, 1840
Stove, cooking, drum...Andrew Sherwood, NY, April 25, 1841
Stoves, cookmg, with elevated ovens.... John P. Williston, and Willard A. Arnold, Northampton, MA, Nov. 16, 1839
Stoves, cooking, with elevated ovens...Lester Tilden Barre, VT., July 18, 1840
Stoves, cooking, elevated ovens with...Moses Bartholomew, Vershire, VT. July 2, 1842
Stoves, cooking, family...Joseph Tully, Frederick County, VA, May 17, 1814
Stoves, cooking, and fire-place...Edward Potter...Providence, RI, May 8, 1832
Stoves, cooking, and fire-place... Joshua Douglass, South Durham, Me., Nov. 14, 1835
Stoves, cooking, and fire-place, double...Thomas McCarty, Elmira, NY, Jan. 23, 1833
Stoves, cooking, and fire-place, and oven...John Rice, Hartland, VT, Dec. 6, 1817
Stoves, cooking, flat.....Joel Raithbone, Albany, NY, Mar 6, 1835
Stoves, cooking, and Franklin...James Wilson, NY, Mar 13, 1824
Stoves, cooking, and Franklin...Thomas Wentworth, Oswego, NY, May 18, 1825
Stoves, cooking, and Franklin...George Richards, Providence RI, Sept. 9, 1829
Stoves, cooking, and Franklin...Isaac McNavy, Stafford, CT, Mar. 24, 1835
Stoves, cooking, and Franklin, reflecting...Samuel W. Phelps, Cincinnati, OH, July 16, 1834
Stoves, cooking, Franklin...Abner R. Ring, Parma, N. Y, Dec. 12, 1839
Stoves, cooking, Franklin , Joel Houghton I Ogden, N Y, May 12, 1840
Stoves, cooking, Franklin Reuben Houghton, Clarkson, N. Y, Aug. 25, 1840
Stove, cooking, and galley...Benjamin Spratley, Portsmouth, Va, Sept. 25, 1837
Stove, cooking, and galley...James Baron, Philadelphia, Pa, Oct. 6, 1837
Stove, cooking, heat ...Jonathan G.Hathaway, Painesvilte, OH., Dec 7, 1837
Stove, cooking, heat to...Stephen J. Gold and Job S. Gold, NY city, June 20, 1838
Stove, cooking, heating...William B. Kimball, Petersborough.N.H. July 19, 1837
Stove, cooking, heating...Rufus S. Payne, W.Springfield, MA, July 31, 1837
Stove, cooking, heating...Philip Wilcox, Springfield, Ma, Sept 12, 1837
Stove, cooking, heating buildings...Washington Auld and James Cox, Philadelphia, PA, May 30, 1837
Stoves, cooking and heating...Alexander F. Bean, Woodstock, VT., July 8, 1841
Stoves, cooking, heating, and illuminating...Andrew Walker Jr., Unity, NH, June 27, 1842
Stoves, cooking and heating...Laommi Bailey, Boston, MA., Mar 26, 1844
Stoves, cooking, improvement in...Conrad Samuel, and George J, Somerset, PA, Dec. 3 1846,
Stove, cooking, kitchen...Andrew Sherwood, NY, April 25, 1811
Stove, cooking, kitchen...John Spencer, Albany, NY, Feb. 2, 1812
wove, conkmg, kitchen, portable...James Truman, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. 3, 1811
Stove, cooking, and oven...John R. Smith, New Haven, CT, Mar. 10, 1838
Stove, cooking, and parlor...Nicholas Smith, New Hampton, NH, Oct. 27, 1836
Stove, cooking, plain, plate or box...Eliphalet Nott, Schenectady, NY, Apr. 22, 1835
Stove, cooking, portable...Stephen J. Gold, Cornwall, CT, Aug. 29, 1832
Stove, cooking, portable...Thomas Whitson and Gustavus E. Haynes, Roxbury, MA, Nov. 19, 1834
Stove, cooking, portable...John Igget, Albany, NH Jan 16, 1835
Stove, cooking, premium, railway, Peregrine Williamson, Philadelphia, PA, Feb 16, 1829
Stove, cooking, preventing waste of heat...Eliphalet Nott, Schenectady, NY, Jan. 9, 1834
Stove, cooking, railway...Isaac B. Bucklin, West Troy, NY., July 9, 1838
Stove, cooking, railway...Anson Atwood, Troy, NY, April 10, 1839
Stove, cooking, railway... R.P. Butrick, Lockport, NY, Sept. 18, 1841
Stove, cooking, railway...Chollar Jones & Low, assignees of Chollar & Parmelee, West Troy, NY, July 11, 1844

The list continues and there is more to explore. I'd like to repost this list at another date, when I've had a chance to compile the information in a more useable format.

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