Saturday, December 10, 2016

Birch Tree Wine

Below is another entry from The New Family Receipts book ©1810. Personally Birch Tree Wine was something I'd never heard of before. For more information about Birch Sap Wine check out this from The Winemaking Home Page and you can always google it and find out more information.

To make Birch-tree Wine.
The vernal sap of the birch tree is made into wine. In the beginning of March, while the sap is rising, holes must be bored in the body of the tree, and fassets, made of elder, placed in them, to convey away the liquid. If the tree be large it may be tapped in several places at a time, and thus, according to the number of trees, the quantity of liquid is obtained. The sap is to be boiled with sugar, in the proportion of four pounds to a gallon, and treated in the same manner as other made wines.

One great advantage attaching to the birch is, that it will grow on almost any barren ground.

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