Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Bronx 1874

The Bronx is as familiar to us today as New York City. However, it wasn't until 1874 that the Bronx was annexed into it's own county. Below you'll find a brief history of the Bronx and the last paragraph points out the dates significant to the 19th century. The excerpt comes from Historical guide to the city of New York ©1909 pg.179

The Borough of the Bronx derives its name from the first white settler, Jonas Bronck, who settled near theBronx Kills in 1639 and called his home Emmaus. An adjacent river became known as Bronck's (shortened later to Bronx) River and in recent times the same name was applied to the whole borough. Many Indians of the Moh1can nation, Suwanoy tribe and Weckquaeskeeks local tribe, branches of the Algonquin race, made this borough their home, dwelling on the shores of the Hudson, the Sound and the Bronx River. They left various Indian names behind them, such as Acquehaunck, Mannepies, Quinnahoung Kekeshick, Laap-hawach-king, Mosholu. Many of the old titledeeds date back to early purchases from Indian sachems.
The earliest Dutch settlement was probably in 1654 at Westchester. The English soon followed, some of the first titles being granted by Governor Nicolls.
Many Revolutionary scenes were enacted in this borough and a full quota of its citizens went forth to serve and die in defence of their rights. The dreaded Neutral Ground extended from the Harlem to the northern limits of the present borough. Pelham saw the " Battle of Pelham Neck," while Westchester may well boast of its Battle of Westchester Creek (see Section V). Other sections could tell of individual engagements with the King's forces.
The early and middle parts of the Nineteenth Century brought great changes. Extensive farm lands were made to bring forth the fruits of the earth; then came the successful business men, who located here their country , estates and elegant mansions, many examples of which are yet to be found, in spite of the advance of the city.
The year 1874 brought annexation to the city of New York of 13,000 acres of the western part of the Bronx,followed in 1895 by the remaining 20,000 acres. And now these 33,000 acres of hill and plain are fast merging 1nto that wonderful city that is proud to style itself " America's Metropolis."

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