Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Yorke & The Brooklyn Bridge

There are events and items in life that you take for granted. One of those items for me was made clear from the movie Kate & Leopold when referencing the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. With that in mind today's excerpt comes from Houghtaling's Handbook ©1884.

First talked of by Colonel Julius W. Adams about 1855. Act of incorporatlonpassed April, 1866. Survey begun by John A. Roebling, 1869. Construction begun January 2,1870. First rope thrown across the river August 14, 1876. Master Mechanic Farrington crossed in a boatswain's chair August 25, 1876. Depth of the New York foundation below high water mark, 78 feet 6 inches. Depth of the Brooklyn foundation below high water mark, 45 feet. The New York tower contains 46,945 cubic yards of masonry; the Brooklyn tower, 88,214. Weight of the Brooklyn tower, about 98,079 tons. Weight of the New York tower, about a third more. Size of the towers at high water line, 140x59 feet; at roof course, 186x58 feet. Height of the towers above high water mark, 278 feet 6 inches. Height of roadway in the clear in the middle of the East River, 185 feet. Grade of the roadway, 8 feet 8 Inches to 100 feet. Width of the promenade in the centre of bridge, 16 feet 7 inches. Width for railway on one side of the promenade, 12 feet 10 inches. Width of carriage way, on the other side of the promenade, 18 feet 9 inches. Width of bridge 85 feet. Length of main span, 1,595 feet 6 inches. Length of each land span, 930 feet. Length of the Brooklyn approach, 971 feet. Length of the New York approach, 1,560 feet. Length of each of the four great cables, 8,578 feet 6 inches; diameter, 15% inches: number of steel galvanized wires in each cable, 5,484; weight of each cable, about 800 tons. Ulti.nate strength of each cable, 15,000 tons. Weight of steel in the suspended superstructure, 10,000 tons. Total cost, 15,000,000 dollars. Opened for traffic in 1888.

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