Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shrimp Sauce

A secondary character in a novel I worked on, went shrimping. In Florida, shrimp go through canals, play in the shoals of the shore line and during the fall, they run in large groups. The fact that my character is fishing for shrimp, I was dwelling on what he would do with all that shrimp and how he'd eat it. Below are a couple of recipes from the 19th century for Shrimp Sauce.

Shrimp sauce is made as follows: make some melted butter, with which mix a little essence of anchovies; throw in the shrimps, some cavice, and send up in a sauce-boat. The French Cook by Louis Eustache Ude © 1822

Cavice is a traditional British recipe for a classic Victorian sauce of anchovies, and shallots with spices and lemon zest in a white wine and white wine vinegar base. 

SHRIMP SAUCE. Wash half a pint of shrimps very clean—mince and put them in a stew-pan, with a spoonful of anchovy liquor, and a pound of thick melted butter; boil it up for five minutes, and squeeze in half a lemon. Toss it up, and put it in a sauce-boat. 
The Virginia housewife: or, Methodical cook
By Mary Randolph ©1838

SHRIMP SAUCE, for Various Kinds of Fish
Ingredients.—1/3 pint of melted butter, 1/4 pint of picked shrimps, cayenne to taste. Mode.—Make the melted butter very smoothly, shell the shrimps (sufficient to make 1/4 pint when picked), and put them into the butter; season with cayenne, and let the sauce just simmer, but do not allow it to boil. When liked, a teaspoonful of anchovy sauce may be added. Time.—1 minute to simmer. Average cost, 6d. Sufficient for 3 or 4 persons. 
Mrs. Beeton's Dictionary of every-day cookery By Mrs. Beeton ©1865

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