Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fictitious Names of States

Today's tidbit again comes from the 1884 edition of Houghtaling's Handbook, available at Google books. I thought this list would be helpful when writing dialogue for some of our characters. Someone who has grown up in an area might use some of these terms rather than use the actual name of a state. Enjoy!
BADGER STATE.—A name popularly given to the State of Wisconsin.
BAY STATE.—A popular name of Massachusetts, which, previous to the adoption of the Federal Constitution, was called the Colony of Massachusetts Bay,
BAYOU STATE.—Aname sometimes given to the State of Mississippi, which abounds in bayous, or creeks.
BEAR STATE.—A name by which the State of Arkansas is sometimes designated, on account of the number of Bears that formerly infested Its forests.
CREOLE STATE.—A name sometimes given to the State of Louisiana, in which the decendants of die original French and Spanish settlers constitute a large proportion of the population.
DIAMOND STATE.—A name oometlmes given to the State of Delaware, from its small size and great worth, or supposed Importance.
EMPIRE STATE.—A popular name of the State of New York the most populous and the wealthiest State in the Union.
EXCELSIOR STATE.—The State of New York, sometimes so called from the motto "Excelsior" upon Its coat of arms.
FREESTONE STATE.—The State of Connecticut;—sometimes so called from the quarries of freestone which it contains.
GRANITE STATE.—A popular name for the State of New Hampshire, the mountanlous portions of which are largely composed of granite.
GREEN-MOUNTAIN STATE.—A popular name for the State of Vermont, the Green Mountains being the principal mountain range in the State.
HAWKEYE STATE.—The State of Iowa;—said to be so named after an Indian chief, who was once a terror toVoyageurs to its borders.
HOOSIER STATE.—The State of Indiana, the inhabitants of which are often called Hoosiers. This word is a corruption of Husher, formerly a common term for a bully, throughout the West.
KEYSTONE STATE.—The State of Pennsylvania ;—so called from its having been the central State of the Union at the time of the formation of the Constitution. If the names of the thirteen original States are arranged in the form of an arch, Pennsylvania will occupy the place of the keystone.
LAKE STATE—A name popularly given to the State of Michigan, which borders upon the four lakes, Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Erie.
LONE-STAR STATE.—The State of Texas;—so called from the device on its coat of arms.
LUMBER STATE.—A popular designation for the State of Maine, the inhibltants of which are largely engaged in the business of cutting and rafting lumber, or of converting it into boards, shingles, scantlings, and the like.
MOTHER OF PRESIDENTS.—A name frequently given. in the United States to the State of Virginia, which has furnished six presidents to the Union.
MOTHER OF STATES.—A name sometimes given to Virginia, the first-settled of the thirteen States which united in the declaration of independence.
NUTMEG STATE.—A popular name, in America, for the State of Connecticut, the inhabitants of which have such a reputation for shrewdness, that they have been jocosely accused of palming off wooden nutmegs on unsuspecting purchasers, instead of the genuine article.
OLD COLONY.—A name popularly given to that portion of Massachusetts included within the original limits of the Plymouth colony, which was formed at an earlier date than the colony of Massachusetts Bay.
OLD DOMINION.—A popular name for the State of Virginia.
OLD NORTH STATE.—A popular designation of the State of North Carolina.
PALMETTO STATE.—The State of South Carolina;—so called from the arms of the State, which contain a palmetto.
PENINSULAR STATE.—The State of Florida;—so called from its shape.
PDXE-TREE STATE.—A popular name of the State of Maine, the central and nothern portions of which are covered with extensive pine forests
PRAIRIE STATE.—A liame given to Illinois in allusion to the wide-spread and beautiful prairies, which foron a striking feature of the scenery of the State.
TURPENTINE STATE.—A popular name for the State of North Carolina, which produces and exports Immense quantities of turpentine.

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