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This is continuing the Egg Recipes from last week found in Mrs. Owens New Cook Book ©1897

NoTE-lf possible keep one pan for omelets alone.
PLAIN OMELETS—4 Eggs. Four eggs, $ cup of milk and 1 teaspoon flour. Beat the flour with a little of the milk, and fill the cup with milk till half full. Then put this mixture and the 4 eggs together, just sufficiently to break the Quaking. OMELET. Souffle.
yolks, but not to beat them. Pour this into a hot and well-buttered frying pan and cover it. When it begins to cook, roll it over and over like a jelly-roll, and as soon as cooked, turn it out on a hot platter with as little handling as possible.
QUAKING OMELET—4 Eggs. Four eggs, 1 tablespoon milk, pinch of pepper and scant half teaspoon salt. Whip the whites into a stiff froth and place in a pan of boiling water and let cook until firm. In the meantime beat the yolks and milk together and turn into a hot frying pan, which has been well buttered, sprinkle on salt and pepper, and set the frying pan in the oven, and let remain 6 minutes. Carefully dish the whites, without breaking them, on to a hot dish, and turn the yolks out on them exactly in the center, leaving a white rim all around, and you have a pretty dish.
Mrs. T. A. Evoy, Chicago.
2 heaping teaspoons corn starch. 2 level teaspoons baking powder. 1 cup milk. 4 eggs, pepper, salt and celery salt.
Beat all together and put into hot bacon fat in spider. Cover and cook slowly.
Katherine Gorman, Clinton, Illinois.
6 eggs beaten separately. Beat a large teaspoon of flour with the yolks, add a little salt, then the whites and k cup milk. Have the skillet hot and buttered, pour in the mixture and let stand on top of stove 10 minutes then put in the oven and bake 15 minutes.
Emogene Mather (Mrs. W. B.), Chicago. 8 fresh eggs beaten separately, 1 cup milk, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 tablespoon melted butter, 1 teaspoon salt. Thoroughly beat yolks then add salt, flour and milk, and lastly the beaten whites; stir lightly. Bake 25 minutes and serve at once in baking dish.
OMELET SOUFFLE. Beat the yolks of 6 eggs light, add $ teaspoon lemon juice, a bit of grated peel and nutmeg, and $ teaspoon sugar. Beat well and add lightly 5 tablespoons cream. Butter the omelet pan, heat, pour in the mixture, and stir in lightly the well-beaten whites. Cook 5 or 6 Apple. OMELET. Codfish.
minutes in a quick oven. Turn upside down on a hot plate and serve instantly.
APPLE OMELET. Pare and stew 4 large tart apples and rub through a sieve. While hot add a tablespoon butter, $ cup sugar (heaping), 1 teaspoon vanilla and a grating of nutmeg. Whip whites and yolks of 4 eggs separately and add when apples are cold, folding in the whites the last thing. Pour into a buttered pudding dish and bake only until delicately browned.
ASPARAGUS OMELET. Boil 2 whole bunches of asparagus for 20 minutes. Remove the tender tops and put into a buttered baking dish. Season with pepper and salt and dots of butter. Beat 4 eggs with 1 tablespoon melted butter, a little salt and pepper, and pour over the asparagus. Bake 8 minutes in a quick oven and serve hot.
Mrs. Z. B. Glynn, East Boston, Mass. Put bread crumbs into a saucepan with cream or milk; salt and pepper. When the bread has absorbed the cream, break in as many eggs as will suffice for the meal, and fry as omelet.
1 cup cold boiled cauliflower chopped fine and mixed with 4 eggs and 1 teaspoon corn starch. Cook as other omelets in buttered frying pan.
CHEESE OMELET. 4 eggs, 4 tablespoons milk, 2 tablespoons grated cheese, salt and pepper. Separate whites and yolks. Beat whites stiff, add the yolks and seasoning, then the milk, then the cheese; pour into the omelet pan. Have a platter warm for omelets, otherwise they will shrink or fall.
CODFISH OMELET. Pick up £ cup of salt codfish and let the water run on it a short time to freshen sufficiently. Put into a frying pan with 1 heaping tablespoon butter. Beat 4 eggs very light and add. As soon as partly Corn. OMELET. Meat.
set fold over and place in hot oven for 5 minutes. This may be served with cream sauce, but is good without.
CORN OMELET. Take cold boiled sweet corn, cut from the cob. For a cup full take 6 eggs, beat, add 6 tablespoons milk, the cup of corn, 1 teaspoon salt, \ saltspoon pepper; mix all together and cook in butter as any other omelet.
Florence R. Sheridan, Mobile, Ala.
Boil $ dozen crabs and pick out the meat, to which add 3 eggs beaten, 2 tablespoons cracker dust, a little chopped onion, parsley, butter, salt and pepper. Have a pan with butter very hot, in which drop the mixture in spoonsful and fry a light brown. Canned crabs make delightful omelet also.
Mrs. Z. B. Glynn, East Boston, Mass.
2 eggs. 4 tablespoons butter.
2 tablespoons minced ham, lean. Pinch of pepper.
Fry the ham 2 minutes in a little butter; then mix all togetner and proceed as with a plain omelet. Serve very hot. Lean bacon or tongue will answer equally as well, but should be slightly cooked previous to mixing.
ORANGE OMELET. Three eggs, a teaspoon of orange juice, and same of grated orange rind. Beat the yolks and whites separately, then add carefully together and proceed as for plain omelet.
RICE OMELET. Mix 1 cup boiled rice with 1 cup milk; add 1 tablespoon butter, a little salt, and 3 well beaten eggs. Cook as an ordinary omelet. DRIED BEEF OMELET. Mince £ pound dried beef fine, beat up 4 eggs and stir into the beef. Put in the skillet a tablespoon of butter and turn the mixture in, stirring until the eggs scramble. Serve hot with garnish of celery or parsley.
MEAT OMELET. Mince up any cold pieces of meat, add a few crumbs of bread or crackers, and enough beaten egg to bind them together. Season Mushroom. OMELET. Oyster.
well and pour into a well-buttered frying pan. If it is difficult to turn it whole, a hot shovel may be held over the top until it is browned. MUSHROOM OMELET.
Twelve large mushrooms, wash and peel. Remove the stems and mince them fine, adding 3 beaten eggs. Season with salt and pepper and a pinch of cayenne and pour the mixture over the mushrooms. Put a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan and dip a spoonful at a time into it, being careful that a whole mushroom is in each spoon and fully encased in the mixture of egg and minced stems. They may be turned or not as preferred. When dished for the table they should be kept separate and one served to each person.
One dozen large fresh oysters chopped into small pieces, £ teaspoon salt sprinkled on them, and then let stand in their own liquor hour. Beat 6 eggs, separately. Add to the yolks a tablespoon of rich cream, a little pepper and salt, and then lightly stir in the whites. Put 2 tablespoons butter into a hot frying pan. When it is melted and begins to fry, pour in your egg mixture and as quickly as possible add the oysters. Do not stir, but with a broad-bladed omelet knife lift the omelet as the eggs set from the bottom of the pan, to prevent scorching. In 5 minutes it will be done. Place a hot dish, bottom upward, over the omelet, and dexterously turn the pan over with the brown side uppermost upon the dish. Eat without delay.

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