Monday, April 27, 2015

1883 Architecture House Plans

Below are two images from Lett's Illustrated Household Magazine ©1883. In the article the author talks about having previously discussed the lower level so all we have here is the upper floor plan and the drawing of the front of the house. Personally, I love running across floor plans like this to help me set the stage for a location in a book. Note the dressing room.

Here's a link to an earlier post with 1871 House Plans


  1. Hi Lynn. What a great idea for a blog! This plan really makes the era live -- I noticed the fireplace in every bedroom -- each of these were set into a chimney, with a fireplace below too -- so depending on whether the fire below was being used, you'd get residual heat coming from the chimney. That would make some bedrooms cold all the time, or at certain times of day. Also notice the walls -- solid with no insulation. Small windows to conserve heat, but would make the rooms darker.

  2. The plans show a bathroom, but not any fixtures. Plumbing technology varied so much, depending on water lines and sewer connections. At least it has a designated space!

  3. Nice! I love finds like this when researching.

  4. I found it interesting that it had space for a bathroom. I've had trouble finding research that shows when they were first put in homes, especially homes built in the Midwest.

    1. Hi Vickie. They've been in homes longer than internal plumbing but they were bathing rooms, not where the toilet (Modern day use of that word, not historical) was found. However, flush toilets have been in homes, specifically in cities a lot longer than we believe they have. I also love coming across house descriptions and plans for this reason.