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How to Cook Eggs

Below are 19th Century Recipes and information on how to cook eggs from Mrs. Owens New Cook Book ©1897 Omelets will be in another post.

Have the water far below the boiling point. At 180 degrees the albumen will become solid and white. If at 212 it will become shrunken and tough.
TO SERVE HARD BOILED EGGS. Remove shells and if not ready to serve at once drop them into hot water, a little salted. Place them on a layer of lettuce, with a few leaves over them. Pretty and appetizing.
Boiled. EGGS. To Poach.
Use a wire egg-boiler for boiling eggs; 3 minutes cooks the white about right for soft-boiled eggs. If put into cold water and let remain to a boiling point, they are cooked more evenly than by plunging into hot water at first. And it is further recommended to pour boiling water on the eggs and set the vessel on the hearth for 5 minutes.
Another method is to put eggs into boiling water, set back and let remain in water for 10 minutes.
ENGLISH BOILED EGGS. Put eggs into cold water and when it begins to boil, let boil just 2 minutes.
SCRAMBLED EGGS. Put a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan. When hot put in the requisite number of eggs beaten lightly. Pepper and salt them, and add $ cup of milk to a dozen eggs. Stir constantly, and as soon as they begin to set, take off and pour out. They must not be hard. EGGS SCRAMBLED IN MILK.
Lydia Avery Coonley, Chicago. Eggs beaten up with milk and scrambled in a dish set in a dish of water, make a pleasant variety. Use salt, but no butter.
C. R. Schrapps, St. Louis. Take an even brick-shaped loaf of bread, cut the top off. Take a sharp knife and cut out the crumb of the loaf evenly, leaving the crust, ends, sides and bottom. Immerse both case and cover in hot fat and fry a nice brown, and drain well. In the meantime prepare scrambled eggs in the ordinary manner sufficient for the meal, and put into the hot bread case, cover with the hot cover and place on a platter. Dish with a spoon from the case the same as from a platter or tureen. After the eggs are gone the fried bread may be served in convenient pieces. Cooked asparagus placed on the eggs is a nice accompaninent.
Mrs. W. A. Dickerman, Marseilles, Ill. Let the water come nearly to boiling heat, break the eggs in carefully and be sure that the water covers them, put a close cover on the sauce pan and cook until sufficiently done, and they will skim out very full and white. It will take but 2 or 3 minutes.
To Fry. EGGS. Panned.
TO FRY EGGS. Break the eggs into hot fat in the frying pan, cover closely and cook until done—perhaps 5 minutes, or butter gem irons and break an egg in each one, set in the oven, after seasoning. Will cook in a very short time.
FRIED HAM AND EGGS. Freshen the ham, if it requires it, by putting it on the stove in cold water, and pouring off as soon as it comes to a scald. Fry the ham in its own fat, then fry the eggs afterward in the same. Dish up on the same platter.
BROILED HAM AND EGGS. Broil thin slices of ham. Put a bit of butter on each slice when done. Poach the eggs in water, and lay one neatly on each piece of ham.
Butter a tin plate and break in your eggs. Set in a steamer, place over a kettle of boiling water and steam till the whites are cooked . If broken into buttered patty pans they look nicer, by keeping their forms better. Or still better, if broken into egg cups and steamed until done, they are very nice. Cooked in this way, there is nothing of their flavor lost.
Take a large platter. Break on it as many eggs as you need for your meal, sprinkle over with salt, pepper and lumps of butter. Set in the oven, and in about 5 minutes the whites will be set and the eggs sufficiently cooked. A handy way on washing or ironing days, when the top of the stove is all in use.
EGG PYRAMIDS. Mrs. H. B. Clark, Pulaski, N. Y. Take 4 eggs, beat whites to a stiff froth, salt a little, butter the platter, put whites on in spoonsful. Make a hollow in each center and put a whole yolk in, salt and pepper and put a bit of butter on each one. Set into the oven and bake until a delicate brown.
PANNED EGGS. Make a minced meat of chopped ham, fine bread crumbs, pepper, salt and some melted butter. Moisten with milk to a soft paste, and Scalloped. EGGS. Fricasseed.
half fill some patty pans with the mixture. Break an egg carefully upon the top of each. Dust with pepper and salt, and sprinkle some finely-powdered cracker over all. Set in the oven and bake about 8 minutes and serve at once.
SCALLOPED EGGS. Prepare a cup of thick drawn-butter gravy, and a dozen hardboiled eggs. Butter a pudding dish and place in it a layer of fine bread crumbs moistened with milk or broth. Add 2 beaten eggs to the drawn butter. Cut the boiled eggs in slices, dip each slice in gravy and place in layers upon the bread crumbs. Sprinkle these with cold meat or fowl minced fine. Repeat the layers and put over all a covering of sifted bread crumbs. Heat well through in a moderate oven.
EGGS WITH TOMATO SAUCE. Boil 6 eggs hard and divide lengthwise. Pour over them a pint of tomato sauce. Serve hot.
Isadore P. Taylor (Mrs. H. S.) Kenilworth, Ill. $ can of tomatoes, stewed, 1 small onion chopped fine, 1 small teaspoon corn starch, and butter size of egg. Cook 6 minutes, add salt and pepper (chopped parsley if desired) then add 5 well beaten eggs very slowly. When the mixture is as thick as thick cream, pour over buttered toast and serve immediately.
EGGS al a CREME. Boil 12 eggs hard, cut in slices and put in a baking dish with grated bread crumbs, pepper and salt. Make a cream sauce of a pint of cream or milk, add chopped parsley and a bit of onion and nutmeg. Pour over the eggs, sprinkle with crumbs and brown in a well heated oven.
SHAKER EGGS. Boil 4 minutes, take out, and as soon as cool enough to handle remove the shells, keep the eggs whole. Dop in a covered dish and dress with pepper, salt and sweet cream. To 6 eggs allow ^ cup cream. FRICASSEED EGGS. Boil 6 eggs hard, cut crosswise and remove yolks; mash the yolks with a little minced cold tongue or ham or fowl, a little butter and Swiss. EGGS. Sur Le Plat or Shirred.
made mustard and parsley. Fill the whites and set them in a covered dish. Have some broth ready and heat to boiling, and add 3 tablespoons cream to each cup of broth. Boil up, pour hot over the eggs, let stand covered for 5 minutes and serve at once.
Take a baking dish and butter the bottom generously. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Break in as many eggs as are required. Season with salt, pepper, and a tiny bit of cayenne. Pour over k cup cream and sprinkle more cheese. Bake 15 minutes.
Boil 6 eggs hard, when cool remove shell cut in two, take out the yolks and put them in a bowl, with the juice of one onion, pinch of red pepper, saltspoon of salt and $ cup cream. Mix thoroughly into a smooth paste, then return to the whites, and stand them in the bottom of a small pudding dish. Pour sauce over them and bake 20 minutes.
Rub together till smooth 3 tablespoons cornstarch, 1 small tablespoon butter, saltspoon of salt, pinch of red pepper and juice of 1 onion. Put this with 1 pint of boiling cream (less amount used for yolks) stir until thick and smooth.
Chef of Les Trois Freres, Paris in "250 choice recipes."
(The above is a delicious dish, but I use only a few drops of onion juice. I found the flavor entirely too strong if a whole one was used. F. E. O.)
BEAUREGARD EGGS. Boil 12 eggs 20 minutes; remove shells, divide whites and yolks. Rub the yolks through a sieve into a dish alone; chop the whites very fine; blend 1 tablespoon of butter with 2 of corn starch in a saucepan and add a pint of milk and stir until thick and smooth. Stir in the whites of the eggs, $ teaspoon of salt and a pinch of white pepper. Have a nice piece of toast ready on each plate, and more for reinforcement . Spread each piece with the white sauce and sprinkle with the sifted yolks set in the oven a minute. A bit of parsley is also an improvement.
Little individual stone china dishes come expressly for this mode

Stuffed. EGGS. Cradled.
of serving eggs. Heat and butter dish, break into it two eggs, sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper, and $ teaspoon butter. Place in hot oven about 5 minutes. These may be varied by adding different seasonings and flavorings. For instance, the cups may be rubbed with onion, a little chopped parsley, ham, tongue, chicken, or grated cheese may be sprinkled in the dish before the eggs are broken in.
Boil 12 eggs 20 minutes; cut in two; also cut a thin slice from each end so the eggs will stand. Take out yolks and mash fine. Add 3 tablespoons melted butter, 2 drops onion juice, a little finely chopped boiled ham, small teaspoon prepared mustard, 1 of celery seed, salt and cayenne pepper to taste; make quite moist with vinegar, mix all thoroughly, chip the edges of whites in small points with scissors; fill with above mixture and serve each half on a small, curled lettuce leaf.
Remove the shell from hard-boiled eggs; moisten a cup of bread crumbs with 1 teaspoon butter; mix with this the crumbled yolks of 3 hard-boiled eggs; season with salt and pepper; line bottom of dish with this mixture, place eggs in, then fill round again, and cover the top with buttered crumbs, and brown in oven 5 minutes. Garnish with slaw or chopped pickles.
Tin cups, or tin muffin pans; butter thickly, line with thin layer of chopped parsley, put in bottom a thin layer of minced ham (seasoned), break egg in cup, sprinkle with salt and pepper, (be careful not to break the yolk); set molds in pan of boiling water until eggs set (about fifteen minutes). Serve upon a piece of round bread, toasted.
CRADLED EGGS. Mince very fine some cold chicken, turkey or duck and add some melted butter, pepper, salt, chopped parsley, and. two beaten eggs; moisten with some stock, put in a saucepan and place over a fire and cook about eight minutes; turn on a hot platter and make it smooth across the top, form a ridge all around and build a fence of triangular pieces of toast on the outside; have ready and place in this meat bed Deviled. EGGS. Omelets.
as many poached or dropped eggs as it will hold; garnish with parsley at each end of the platter.
Boil eggs hard. When cold, take off the shells, cut in two lengthwise, remove yolks and mash fine in a bowl, adding salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar until it is palatable and taking care to keep it thick enough to replace in the whites. Smooth over and serve eithes in halves, or put the halves together. A most excellent dish.
Take the whites of hard-boiled eggs divided in lengthwise halves. Drop into each one a teaspoon of mayonnaise, on this put the yolk rubbed through a sieve and mixed lightly with salt and pepper and top this with a bit of grated cheese.
Boil eggs hard, remove shell and divide in lengthwise halves. Take i rounding tablespoon of butter, put it in a frying pan; in it fry one tart apple, one small onion, add a heaping teaspoon curry powder, the same of flour, 4 tablespoons stock or water; let simmer; then add the eggs and heat them thoroughly.- Have ready a dish of plain boiled rice, make room in the center of it for the mixture, and pour what may be left over the top.
Boil eggs very hard and remove the shell. Take 1 teaspoon each of cinnamon, allspice, and mace, put in a little muslin bag in cold water, boil well, and if it boils away, add enough to make $ pint when the spices are taken out. Add 1 pint of strong vinegar, pour over the eggs. If you want them colored, put in some beet juice.

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